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" One thing which does strike immediately about Manjoo Sree is her positive energy & vibes.Interacting with her on a personal level has given me some insights, in terms of how fast she gets to the crux of the situation.With her professional qualification as a psychologist & an Internationally certified "Life Transformation coach" I am sure she will do a wonderful job of guiding people in the right direction.Wish you the very best Manjoo Sree in your Endeavour.Blessed will be the people, who would have an opportunity to walk with you, in their transformation journey. "
Satish Rao, Life & Wellness Coach
" Manju , you are all goodness . Go ahead . Be blessed . Jai baba ! "
Ruzbeh N Bharucha , Author of eight published books , an editor of a monthly magazine on wellbeing and a documentary film maker , www.ruzbehbharucha.net
" Manjoo – I give you an A ++ on your work for me and firm! "
Dr. J.M , Indian Forest Service.
" Life is full of surprise challenges – and Manjoo Sree offers informative research from the world of resilience psychology to help ensure you bounce back from tough times stronger, better, happier! "   Dr.Lakshmi , Chief Doctor ,
Groups of Good Life Clinic.
" I have known Manjoo Shree for several years now . Manjoo is one of the smartest yet fun person I know. She has an infectious aura of happiness that transfers itself to people she is in contact with . She has always been successful in her endeavors and I am sure this will be yet another feather in her cap. I am sure she will be an absolutely wonderful life coach. I have no hesitation in recommending her in the strongest terms possible "
Hari Ganesh , Associate with a Big 3 Management Consulting Firm , USA.
" Having known Manjoo for many many years, I have been constantly amazed by her energy, drive, intelligence, command of language and her multitude of talents. She gives 100% to everything she puts her mind into and has always impressed me by her consistent passion and delivery. She has been an inspiration to so many people around her, bringing her positivity, happiness and genuine compassion into making a difference. This life coach path only seems natural to such a tremendous soul and I know for a fact that people who work with her will definitely be impacted positively and become much closer to whatever it is that they are trying to achieve. I wish Manjoo the very best in this venture. "   Suha Kumar , Marketing Manager , Claire's Accessories (A Global Fashion Retailer , Chicago , USA)
" Ahem ! What an incredible opportunity this is! Let me begin saying bountiful thank you's for your time, advice ,love,moments and all the candid dialogs !The most amazing thing happened when we collaborated through Facebook to work on her site Lifeolicious and since then it has been profoundly transformative experience personally. Manjoo is an angelic and has a wonderful ability to communicate on such a substantive level and gifted with visualization skill.With her simple conversational tone she will scan and hit with a powerful punch to bring out a true warrior and the very best version of you. The most intrinsic about Manjoo is that she displays a natural sensitivity and intuitive connection yet keeping the process fun and frolicsome. Her Keep Happy approach is the new kool mantra that i follow and on a trip towards happiness:) She is awesome,positive force in my business and in my life. She is a joy to work with and has become a friend as well as an incredible coach.All i can say is With Manjoo, I got much more ! "   Dolly Sancheti , Founder/Creative Director - Poogle Media Inc.
" Manjoo Sree! A positive, kindhearted person who never fails to share her day with a smile. The work she has chosen to undertake simply gives me hope that real angels exist! We need more! A wonderful site that can bring life to those who find it hard to light their lives. "   R. D Souza , IT management , Secunderabad.
" Dear Manjoo ! Your "Rediscover yourself " are like sunshine and vitamins to all of us! "
Zabeena Taj , Sultan centre , UAE.
" Manjoo , Just wanted to say I admire your commitment to your mission. You are wonderful ! "   Innavil , Interior Designer , Melbourne.
" Manjoo is a pint sized dynamite . Her insights are right on and universally valuable for people in all kinds of careers, and in all phases of their career. "
G. Sreenivasan , Founder and CEO , Kunnam Granite Works Ltd.
" Life is all about changes and transitions and how we deal with them makes all the difference. Manjoo Sree is a wonderful resource to get you back to feeling grounded and optimistic. "   Madhaiyan , editor of ' Kaalai kathir ' .
" Manjoo Sree 's advice for regaining your footing after a life set back is smart, do-able and even fun. "   Editor-in-Chief of a popular Magazine.
" Although on the professional front I was a success, my personal life was crumbling. I was very stressed out and felt very lost. I then came across Manjoo Sree and after hearing about her from a colleague of mine as well, decided to consult with her. I can honestly say this has been the best decision of my life! Manjoo Sree taught me how to think with both our hearts and our minds and how to use them in co-operation to achieve a happy and a stress free life. Even though I have had a few counselling sessions in the past, no one comes even close to Manjoo Sree. She understands her clients from the depth and is not in it just for the money like a lot of so called life changing institutions out there. I will never hesitate to reccommend her to any of my family or friends! Once again, thank you Manjoo Sree!! God bless you for carrying out such a beautiful and helpful service! "   Payal Kasat , Software Consultant , Toronto, Canada.
" Before taking this program I was not sure of wat I wanted, wasn't confident,was really stressed with life but today after the program I'm really confident more positive in my thoughts & am more clear of wat I want to do this is helped me to become a better person & lot of ppl can c the change in me.Thanks to manju & lifeolicious I'm a much better person today . "   Ravi , Salient Springs - Managing Partner , rlakshman15@yahoo.com
" Knowing this amazing lady for more than 15 years, the very first feeling that I have when I think about her is HAPPINESS. Adding to this, I was feeling jealous , the fact being she knows EVEYTHING. She is too good in what she does and has a complete control on what she wants to achieve, does a lot of ground work which very few people would do. I have seen her achieving what she wants and NEVER lets go on what she desires, kudos to you Manjoo, you are unique . Regarding this amazing website that you have built, this is so very neatly done. Anybody can understand the content and it's easy to navigate between links and understand where you are coming from... content is very simple and strong, it's just fantastic, and thank you very much for having this in place, it definitely changes one's life for betterment. "   Sarath Nanjan , Manager , Accenture Pvt Ltd.
" Manjoo Great very very Innovative and wonderful mission.... in today's hi speed techy life..u have struck the right string to bring in smiles and make life worth living ...Jahanpanah Tusi great Ho ....action to be imagined... Tofa Kubul Karo..... "
Archana Manoj , Joint MD Sona College of Technology , arcmanoj2004@yahoo.com.
" Thanks a million Manju for your support , guiding me discover my strengths and weakness. I am gifted to have you in my life. "   Sowmya Sanjay , JMD ,
AVR SwarnaMahaal pvt ltd.
" Hey manju ! Ur sessions were awesome , u taught me how to deal with problems . I learnt to ignore few things and fight with certain things. Now I am much more confident as I value myself more than I used to . Thank you so much :) "   Nehawantsmor@yahoo.com
Here are a few feedblocks from amazing people, who gave us the opportunity to work with them. Names kept discreet to maintain confidentiality. Nevertheless , we respect their privacy and we are happy that they are a part of our family.
" Manjoo , I love your newsletter. You are an inspiration. A goddess of words. Thank you! "   - L
" Dear Manjoo ; I had the emotional shit kicked out of me in January. And most of the advice I've heard or read is crap. I have really been struggling with – what's the point of it all.I think your sessions may have just saved my life. It's the first thing I've done that wasn't crap. At least for me.Thank you. Like a lot. Best wishes "   - R
" Manjoo , Thank you for ' rediscover urself ' . I just finished it after surviving –still surviving– my own personal Vortex complete with about every TV sopratic conflict imaginable (well, okay no one had amnesia but I'm sure the rest of the conflicts were in there). Thanks again! "   - B
" Dear Manjoo , I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for coaching me . It saved my life. The things you say describe my situation and before this I had felt hopeless & helpless. I did not want to go on in such a state. When I went on site there were thousands of coaches , But yours was the one that spoke to me, and as I read your about - it it feels like you have connected to your readers – not just words. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart ( you have given me hope – and are an answer to my prayers) Peace to you always "   - D
" Dear Manjoo , I just wanted to thank you for helping me see that you really can be absolutely happy! I can't tell you how many years I've tried everything and how much money I've spent trying to figure out a way to feel normal and in control of myself…and I'm only 24! Once I finished your sessions and doing all the exercises, it was a 180 degree turn around. I feel like I'm living my life to its fullest now and really able to enjoy it. I'm actually going into the Navy this fall and will be training to become an aviation rescue swimmer. A year ago, my life had no direction and no substance. I'm so excited about where I'm going now and I truly believe I can do anything I put my mind to. You're an amazing woman and I will keep this experience with me for my entire military career and life. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, you've given me a positive outlook on life and happiness. Sincerely "   - N
" Manjoo , I wanted to let you know just how much I enjoy and appreciate your newsletter ! First of all, I love that you don't bombard us with too many emails (quantity) and that when you do send an update, more often than not, the information is valuable (quality). I also love that most of the information is free and focused on us, rather than promoting your own products and services, which is what every other relationship expert does. So thank you for being the awesome person that you are and more importantly, thank you for being a person of value. Cheers "   - S
" Hey Manjoo , I just had to write to tell you — I just finished reading your newest labor of love "The Tail of love ", and I LOVED IT! You did an amazing job, and should be very proud. It's crisp and light, yet contains lots of heavy weight information. I'm sure it will help many people. Best! "   - D
" Hi Manjoo , Big fan letter here. I just saw my ex on the street which was awful. Instead of sending him a tirade of angry emails and texts, I came home and pulled up some our journals on the Internet. I feel better. It's been a rough 6 months and your positive exercises have helped me SO much! ( thank you for the daily dose of awesome! "   - S
" Hi Manjoo ! I just wanted to congratulate you because your posters keep getting better and better! I shared your info with my sister who lives in Spain, and now you have a new fan there! Many hugs xoxox "   -A
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