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Our mission in microscopic lens : To offer you
easy-to-absorb insights and accompany you to destress yourself
to your happiest, most loved, highest potential self through
positivity and happiness quotient. We use playful analogies
- from the latest scientific study to ancient wisdom, into short,
easily-digestible, life-changing strategy.
Basically, our programs
are created to be fun, you'll absorb methodologies for creating a happier,
more successful life with total ease – Manjoo Sree specializes in transformational
psychology including ideas from: Jung, Freud, biology, Bhagavat Gita, cognitive
therapy, Neuro Linquistic Programming, Oprah, Ruzbeh Brucha, Sociology, western
philosophy, Zen , Deepak Chopra , Karen Salmansohn , her own ;) and then some. . .

Certified LIFE Transformation Coach

What is LIFEOLICIOUS? WHAT IS IT ABOUT? Find the answers to these questions and more with one simple click-okay and some reading too.

Lifeolicious is for YOU, if you are interested in WHOLESOME LIVING as much as you are FASHION CONSCIOUS!

How to mix

Have LOVE and FEAR passed you by ? Do you want to put an end to the NEGATIVE HABIT loop ? Lets find out.

Today will be a good day . Look around , a miracle is waiting to happen. Look deeper with a good cup of coffee, you will realize that you are always 'lucky', sometimes 'feelings' get in the way.

YOU are in charge of what YOU feel and today ,
YOU gotto give yourself a chance & choose happiness

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