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You want to live with more meaning and passion !

We are big believers that the purpose of your life is to find your own happiness . We will help you to follow your heart – but We will always make sure you bring your brain with you!

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You're going through a particularly challenging time

Dealing with a trauma, setback, layoff, divorce, illness, etc… We will accompany you to a stress free zone soon enough.
Is your life challenging?? Life Coaching makes it easier! Is your life in normal pace and happy? Life coaching would make you feel your best happiest potential self!

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Manjoo Sree.N

What has lifeolicious to do with the heart and brain? Heart is where your feelings reside, brain is where your thoughts are - the distance between them is only 14 inches, but it's most difficult to manage between emotions and logic, lifeolicious is all about balancing this life scale in reality to reach your best optimum level.

What is a life coach ?
The short answer is: someone who helps you focus on getting out of life what is important to you (even when you don't know what that is yet!) and gives you the tools to keep doing this long after your final session.

Unlike counseling, Life Coaching isn't that interested in the past, preferring instead to focus on where you want to, that is ;)

Isn't It A Bit Embarrassing To Work With a Life Coach? Is it for normal people ?
I get asked that quite often and it always makes me laugh. If you could go to a physical instructor in a gym and be proud to have been working out your body, you should be more than happy to be working out the same with your life. Life coaches are not only for normal people, but for people, who want to live a life out of normal, to its happiest , highest potential self. Trust me I won't be asking you to wear psychedelic glares , eat tofu or stroke a cow. Unless you want to, that is!

How many sessions will you need?
Unlike a lot of Life Coaches I don't have long-term contracts. I love it when clients are able to see results sooner than expected and prefer to give people tools they can use to keep moving forward after they have finished working with me.

The average client usually stays with me for between 4 and 6 sessions and seldom do I work for longer than 10 sessions with any one client.

Do I coach younger people?
I view this on a case by case basis. If I am 100% sure the person wants coaching and I am working to their agenda and not a parents or guardian, then I will consider it.
But even then, I won't coach people under the age of 18 and if I'm being honest it's probably not what I'm best at.

Am I or my life perfect to coach you to a better life?
Aha! It's like asking a heart surgeon if he operates on himself ;) I am as human as you are :) but the only difference is I use my years of extensive study, research and my own challenging experiences to chart out inspiring and practical life changing techniques exclusively crafted for you, to reach your best potential level.