Most of the self help at an adult stage is a result of conditioning and unlearning . How would life be if we could actually learn the basics right. If we know ourselves as we grow up learning English , geometry and biology , our life skills would be unmatchable and skilled to handle a challenge when Life detours. " Life Parachute " aims at self discovery in the most intriguing fun way to guide one's journey inward.

Many a moment my soul has wandered with questions - why do bad things happen to good people? Why do people die? A few at young ages? To my own incidents in life, naturally my first reaction was panic. How would I help my child, family, friends, clients make sense of a

tragedy? How do you find order in such a chaotic world? How do you stay afloat when so many of our life events seem to pull us downward?

The answer is a life Parachute which should be a kit owned by all of us in this universe. We all need to pack a Parachute with our basic essentials - call it survival in life, which has the ability to stay afloat regardless of how much one / people around may push down upon it and ensure a safe landing.

Our life Parachute is our ability to safeguard our self, our ability to overcome our hardships, to make it through, from " inside ". Through the right packing we bestow on us and others, survival to help each other stay afloat in the stormy seas of

life. We can't prevent life's obstacles, mishaps and curve balls from coming our way. But, what we have the power to do is pack our own parachute or throw someone a Life Parachute - a lifeline for them. Perhaps, they may still be surrounded by rough waters of life, but that parachute is the difference between life and death, giving them the hope and strength to pull through.

Parachute changes lives, it helps us rise after the fall and I made a conscious commitment to spread that message to the world.