About Manjoo Shree

Manjoo Shree is India’s First-ever Motivational Singer, one of three in the world. Her single “Yettadha Dhooram” has reached over 5 lakh views around the world. She is a three-time Gold Medalist in Masters of Clinical Psychology and Philosophy.

She has a Certification in Life Coaching from International Life Coach Federation, Vancouver - Canada. She is a Keynote speaker and a Life Transformation Coach. She is a trained Scuba-diver. An Organ Donor and a Philanthropist. She is also debuting as a published author with her highly anticipated book “Life Parachute” which is no less than a Life survival kit!

Manjoo Shree is the Creative Director and Founded “Lifeolicious” in 2013 with a commitment to inspire and train people to live a life they love. With a motto to “Live Your Life While You’re Alive”, she is the recipient of numerous Government and Global awards and achievements. Six times winner of Women and Global Awards including Women Achievers Award 2016, Women of Inspiration 2017, and Global Award 2018. Reached over 10,000 women, 100+ individuals counselling, 60 motivational workshops, 35 outdoor Human Resource activity and Charity Events. She is known for her International Programs conducted across Singapore and Australia. She has been interviewed and featured on a number of International Broadcasts and National Television including Times of India, The Hindu, Radio City FM, and the Australian Tamil Broadcasting Corporation (ATBC).

We've made it a point to change your life

If you are interested in knowing what life coaching and lifeolicious is, watch my TEDx talk.


I Specialize in helping people in the following areas :

Getting Unstuck

Fulfilling Untapped Potential

Feeling More Motivated

Gaining Clarity

Life Progression & Career Change

Work/Life/Relationship Balance Issues